Power Saver Technology

Save more than $3000 over the Life of Your Spa

  1. Multi stage insulation system – stopping heat loss through the shell, cabinet, base and top.
  2. Minimal gaps around the cabinet – trapping heat in and cold air out
  3. Energy smart control system with power saving features
  4. Controller is Smart Meter ready (can do heating and filtration on off peak power)
  5. Larger heater – water heats quicker so circulation pump turns off quicker
  6. Controller is heat pump compatible – fit a heat pump and save 75% on running costs
  7. Energy efficient filtration pump – only runs 4 hours a day not 24 hours

No other spas have all 7 power saving features.


Test Results – here’s proof

We built 2 of the same 1250 litre spas – the same model, but one was built using our power saver technology and insulation system and the other simulating the equipment and insulation in most other spas. Then we tested to see how much it would cost to maintain water temperature and filtration in each spa.


But you’ll actually save more than this…

  • Both spas we tested had our “no gap” cabinet – in reality the other spa would have gaps in the cabinet and would have used even more power.
  • Our savings are based on your spa lasting 12 years. It should last a lot longer so your savings will be more.
  • If you’ve got a smart meter you’ll save up to 30% more by using “Power Saver Mode” and off-peak power for all heating and filtration.
  • Our Platinum series spas are gas & heat pump compatible. Fit either of these & save up to 75% on heating costs.
  • Eco Mode, Sleep Mode and other Power Saver Technologies were not used during testing which would have reduced running costs even further.

Environment: 20 degrees ambient temperature. Water temperature: 37 degrees – spa set to maintain this temperature. Test Spas: 1250 litres each (same spa model). All claims relating to savings on running costs are based on 28 cents per Kw and 3% yearly energy price increases. For the purpose of these calculations, the “life of your spa” is 12 years. Testing done by: “Waltek” – an internationally accredited testing laboratory.

Better Insulation means Lower Running Costs

Other than fitting a heat pump, it has been proven that the most effective way to reduce spa running costs is to insulate it well.

Our 8 layer “Power Saver” insulation system locks in the heat

Every Oasis Spa has 8 layers of insulation on the base, cabinet, top and (most importantly) the shell of your spa. This exclusive multi-layer insulation system with (thermo lock barrier) keeps out the cold and traps in the heat from your pump and spa water, saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your spa.


  1. High density therm-wood cabinet cladding
  2. 12mm thick high density PE foam sheeting
  3. Multi-layer therm wrap
  4. Fibreglass base (most models)
  5. High density foam on the base (most models)
  6. Multi-layer insulation
  7. 25mm thick high density closed cell foam on the shell
  8. High density lockable hard cover

Custom fit “no gap” cabinets stop heat loss

Hot air rises naturally. If your spa has large gaps between the cabinet and the spa shell, the heat inside the cabinet escapes and cold air enters your spa, causing the heater to turn on more often to maintain heat. Pests and insects can also enter and damage your spa. We tailor make every cabinet so there are minimal gaps, trapping the heat in. Without this feature you are simply throwing money away.



Our insulated fibreglass wrap-around base keeps the cold out!

A spa with no base and/or poor insulation will lose a lot of its heat into the cold ground below. Oasis Spas feature a wrap-around fibreglass or ABS base to seal your spa from the elements, using multiple layers of insulation to stop heat loss and save you money.

Keep Running Costs Down

Every Oasis Spa is heat pump and gas heater ready

In most cases, our unique insulation system makes electricity the most convenient and affordable way to heat your spa. For very large spas and swim spas, in cold climates and in the future, heat pumps will be the most economical solution. Every Oasis Spa has the control system, pump and connections already in place, so you can connect a gas heater or heat pump at any time and start heating your spa at a fraction of the cost.

Heat Pump Connection upgrade included. Valued at $195



Our “Power Saver” spa controller will cut your power bill

Our state-of-the-art spa controllers with “intelligent thermal tuning” learn how to minimize heating and pump running times, reducing running costs by up to 20%. Handy “eco”, “weekend” and “away” modes provide other ways to suit your individual needs and save you money.

You can heat and filter using off-peak power

Only a handful of brands worldwide have all 5 power saving features. While one brand uses a slightly more efficient pump for filtration, this pump offers a less powerful massage. As our insulation system is superior, Oasis Spas are cheaper to run without compromising your massage experience.

Connect a heat pump and slash heating costs

Our integrated heat pump technology allows you to control a heat pump from your spa touchpad. Heat pumps save up to 75% on heating costs by transfering heat from the air into your spa water, turning every kilowatt of power into 5 kilowatts of heat. As a bonus, they even cool the water in summer, offering total temperature control with minimal cost.



Our “Power Saver” pumps will save you money everyday

Our “energy smart” filtration pumps use up to 60% less power than 2 speed and other filtration pumps and only have to run 4 hours a day (not 24 hours a day).

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