A Better Swim & Spa Experience

Better Performance

The importance of using quality swim jets

Many swim spas use cheap swim jets that have nozzles that move easily on their own, making it impossible to direct the flow where you need it. Many have 6 or even 8 swim jets which people think is better. In fact the opposite is the case, as each pump needs to run two swim jets, making the individual swim jets weak due to a lack of power. To compensate for this, “restrictors” are used to create the appearance of high pressure when in fact they do not have the necessary water flow to swim against. This is made worse by the position of the extra swim jets as the water streams do not hit the body and create the required resistance.

Swim jet position is just as important

Swimming against swim jets relies on a stream of water flowing against your body that will create enough resistance to swim against. If the flow of water is not positioned in a way to create maximum resistance then it is wasted and the swimming experience will be difficult, limited or impossible. Our testing proves that the best location for swim jets is in a triangular setup, with the top 2 jets targeting your shoulders and the lower jet or jets facing upwards into the torso, which is how our most popular models are set up.



It’s all about water flow

Oasis swim spas combine 50mm “free flow” plumbing with “full flow” premium Edgetech swim jets. Each of our swim jets is powered by its own 3 HP (4.8 BHP) pump to create maximum water flow and ensure the best swim spa experience.

Our handrail is great for exercise and learning to swim

Whether you are learning to swim or want to exercise, our stainless steel exercise handrail (standard on all models) is an important part of any Oasis Swim Spa. You can attach an elastic resistance band to the handrail for resistance training and other exercises and you can even attach a boogie board to it and give the kids a blast!

Handrail and exercise band upgrade included. Valued at $195


Our swim pole system means everyone can use your swim spa

Many people are not suited to swimming against swim jets due to their age, strength, fitness or ability. To make sure everyone gets the most from their investment, every Oasis Swim Spa is supplied with a resistance swim system,, made up of a base on your swim spa, a “swim pole” that slides into this special base and a flexible fibreglass rod and harness. Just slide the OUT (optional) swim pole into the base and fit the harness around your waste. Now try to swim away from the pole – the harder you swim the more the pole pulls you back! It also pulls you “up” which is great for people learning to swim and long distance aerobic training.

Swim pole swim system upgrade included. Valued at $795

The Perfect Massage

Oasis Spas have been engineered to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy spa experience.


It’s all about jet placement

To create the perfect massage, dozens of pulse, swirl, deep tissue and air massage jets have been precisely positioned to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet (never on the spine), creating an awesome hydro-massage experience.

Some models also have a powerful ‘volcano’ jet – perfect for targeting your calves, thighs, lower back and stomach. Each seat features a different jet layout to offer multiple massage effects as you move around your spa.

Create your own perfect massage

Choose your seat. If you want, you can swap the different jet types around the spa to create the right massage effect. Then adjust the strength of individual jets and use the massage controller to make the whole seat softer or stronger. Once you’ve created the perfect massage to suit your mood, just relax and enjoy.


“Aqua-ssage” jets simply feel better

Most other brands of jets have small and/or straight water outlets. The jet stream digs into your back which is uncomfortable and annoying. Our broad stream aqua-ssage jets distribute the water flow more evenly providing the ultimate hydro-massage experience.

Superior Comfort and Relaxation

Oasis Spas are designed to create the ultimate spa experience by ensuring your total comfort and relaxation.

Ergonomic designs for maximum comfort

When you sit in a spa full of water you’ll soon realise that “lay back” recliners and curved-backed seats make you float and that most spa seats are not comfortable. Our seating designs are barrier free, allowing you to move easily between the seats. The shaping of our recliners and seats help keep you in place – making sure the jets hit the right spots and allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa.

Now Set the Mood

Set the perfect mood for total relaxation with soothing aromatherapy fragrances, mood lighting and your favourite music.



Create the mood with Aqua FX lighting

Create the perfect ambience with underwater and water-level lighting and tranquil waterfall(s), standard on all models. Backlit massage, air and waterfall controls add extra impact and appeal. Some models also have backlit drink holders, ice box and roman waterfalls.

You can even enjoy your favourite music

Add one of our optional sound systems (with optional in-cabinet sub woofer) and you’ll never want to leave your spa.

Lighting & Backlit control upgrade included. Valued at $795 or $1590

Roman or Cascade Waterfall upgrade included. Valued at $295 or $590

Our liquid based aromatherapy system really works!

Surround yourself with soothing fragrances with your adjustable liquid aromatherapy system (that actually works).

Liquid Aromatherapy system upgrade included. Valued at $195


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