Pacific Series Duo Extra Depth Swim Spa

Pacific Series Duo Extra Depth Swim Spa

5.9m x 2.25m x 1.52m

The Pacific Series Duo Extra Depth Swim Spa is taller then most swim spas and has no seats in the swim area giving you more room to swim and move around. With a plunge pool, never ending swimming pool and aquarobics area on one end and a separate hydrotherapy spa on the other end it allows you to enjoy different temperatures for your swim and spa activities.

  • Seats 5 in Spa End with Steps in Swim End
  • 3 or 4 High Flow Swim Jets
  • 5 or 6 3HP High Performance Pumps
  • 2 x .5Hp Filter Pumps
  • 49 Spa Massage Jets (Spa End Only)
  • 1 x Recliner Lounge (Spa End)
  • Resistance Swim Pole and Harness
  • Stainless Steel Exercise Handrail
  • Exercise Resistance Band
  • 3 Huge Multi-coloured Underwater LED Lights (2 Swim End & 1 Spa End)
  • LED Backlit Spa Controls
  • Led Backlit Waterfall (Swim End Only)
  • Adjustable Liquid Aromatherapy System
  • 8 Layer Power Saver Insulation System with Extra Thick Foam on Shell
  • Custom Fit No Gap Cabinet with Arctic Seal
  • Stainless Steel Jet Trims
  • Wrap Around ABS Base
  • Lockable Hard Cover
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Spa Colour Options

Standard Colours

Stirling Marble

Deluxe Microban Colours

Oceanwave Blue
Midnight Opal
Microban Spa Text Colours

Cabinet Colours

Slate Grey

Cover Colours

Slate Grey
Brown / Red
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